I am a born and raised New Yorker that points my camera towards the street and landscape genres of photography. Things I love include the overlooked corners of my city, the decisive moment, pickles, and my 1979 Puch Magnum MkII moped. I think about Photography as the art of manipulating time by adding meaning to frozen wavelengths. I drink Micheladas religiously and can be spotted at Empellon al Pastor in the East Village doing so on most days. Come say hi! It's quite possible we'll really get along, we just haven't met yet. 

"It's the elusive musical anima that is the difference between the competent and sublime. When they have practiced their instruments rather than rehearsed their songs; when they are in touch with the dignity and nobility of their tools; when the adventure of risk-taking is inviting, rather than frightening; when they listen; when the new is more interesting than the familiar is safe, that is when magic is possible."              

- Michael Newman, Photographer, on naming the nameless.

Photo by Renee Swetz



Email: linearenigma@gmail.com